Monday, February 15, 2010

It's been a long time 2.....

I know it has been a long time since I've blogged, but life seems to have a way of speeding along! Nothing new to really report except the kids getting bigger each day. I've done 2 posts with some pictures from the past couple of months. Everything is random, so enjoy!

It's been a long time....

Here are some of the calendar pages from my annual family calendar!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Pics

We had a lot of fun this halloween. Carving pumpkins is getting funner because the older boys can basically do it by themselves. Which is nice so Greg and I only have to really carve 2 of the 4 pumpkins instead of all of them. And also, this year my mother came over and helped Austin. It was fun to be able to just mostly watch the kids have fun. And I can rarely get a picture without at least one of the kids pulling funny faces. As you can see below.

I love this picture of Kamryn. Once we were all done "gutting" our pumpkins, the kids started carving. Kamryn wasn't going to be left out. Greg was trying to help her and she would start yelling at him to stop, grab the pumpkin knife and start trying to carve along the lines herself. It was hilarious. So Greg grabbed another knife and was trying to help and she would shove is hand out of the way and try to block him from touching the pumpkin. She even stabbed Greg in the hand one time trying to carve and block at the same time. Good thing these pumpkin knifes aren't sharp. You can see it all in her face below.
And here are our final creations. In years past we have used stencils to carve elaborate pumpkins, but I wasn't in the mood to get stuck carving them all because of the complexity. So this year, we just hand drew faces and the kids had a much funner time.
The night before Halloween was our elementary school's halloween carnival. Kamryn went as a ballerina and the boys went as Hulk, Spiderman, and Darth Vador. It was really crowded, not so fun for the adults, but the kids had a blast. This year we invited my brother and sister and their families as well as my parents. So it was really fun to have grandparents and cousins there with us for the games and food.

And here are the rugrats right before trick or treating. Cute little stinkers. Never mind that none of the candy buckets match costumes. I wasn't going to spend more money of buckets and costumes this year, so we just recycled from years past. Greg graciously volunteered to stay home with Jordyn, so lucky me, got to take the kids out trick or treating. We left and by the time we got to my parents house across the street, it had been 2 hours. Holy cow. I didn't realize we were gone that long. The kids did really good. Kamryn started complaining towards the end. She would make me pick her up between houses and then put her down so she could run to the door for candy and then give her bucket to Caden to carry and run to me to pick her up again. Silly girl. I'm just glad the weather was good and the kids grabbed alot of loot.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Jordyn's Blessing and Tyson's Baptism

We have had a busy couple of weeks. Last weekend was so busy, but oh so much fun! On Saturday, we had Tyson's baptism. Several family members were able to come support him and we are so happy to have had so much support. We had cake and ice cream at the house after the baptism to celebrate his decision to get baptized and also a happy birthday for all the kids. Then Sunday, we were able to get Tyson confirmed and Jordyn was able to receive her baby blessing. It was a wonderful day and again we had so much family support. Nothing is better than having a lot of family around. We had dinner, treats, laughs, games, and more food afterwards. I absolutely love getting together with the family. Yes, sometimes it is chaotic, especially with 8 children ages 10 and younger running around the house. But I love watching all of the cousins laughing and playing together. We were also lucky enough to have some of Greg's family up to support the family and are so appreciative to them for their love and support. Greg's sister, Tamara brought her 2 children and Greg's mother. Now you have to understand, my children absolutely love these 2 kids. When they found out 2 days prior that Scott and Elise would be coming, they couldn't wait for that day to come. They follow them around and Scott and Elise are so good with my kids and I so appreciate all the help they gave with getting kids ready and entertaining them. Thanks Scott and Elise.
Now to some pics of Tyson and Jordyn.
This dress is the same dress that I was blessed in. It has been well worn with my sister being blessed in it as well as Kamryn, and my 2 nieces. I love the tradition of having all the girls blessed in this dress and it is still is such great condition. So simple, yet elegant. And my sister in law made the hair bow. So adorable. She does a great job and actually sells them at Just Bee Scrapin' in Brigham City. You should swing by and check out Daisyheadz sometime. The blanket was crocheted by a dear friend of mine from work, she does such a wonderful job and the blanket is gorgeous. Thanks Kathleen! She also made a blessing blanket for Kamryn. I think it's neat to have each girl have their own blanket.

And here is my Tyson, such a handsome young man. He was so excited, yet nervous to get baptized and kept asking questions about what he should do or how he should look while there. It was so cute. You will notice a couple of leis that Tyson is wearing. My brother in law is Tongan and it is Tongan tradition to give kids getting baptized leis with either money or candy or both. And my sister is so wonderful and has made both these leis for Caden's baptism and now for Tyson's. I think she is getting herself set up to make them for all of the cousins. I think it's great. And we have been trying to encourage the boys to save the money on the leis for their mission and so far, Caden hasn't used any of his and the money lei is still intact. Wonderful tradition. We also get the kids their first set of scriptures when they are baptized and they think that is great to be able to take their on scriptures to primary.

Thanks again to all of the support from wonderful family and friends!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

*Long OvErDuE Post*

I have finally had a few seconds to make a post with some pictures and updates on our family happenings. First and most importantly, our baby was born.

Jordyn Ann Lemke

August 24, 2009 ~ 1:39 am

7lb 9oz ~ 20 in

I love the look on Kamryn's face, wondering what in the heck mom is holding.
She has been such a little mother trying too hard to help me at home with Jordyn.

The labor and delivery went really well. I went in on Sunday the 23rd to have my doctor check to see if I was dilated enough to break my water. I was 2-3cm, but he and my nurse felt a hand and foot on top of her head. So we decided to not break water and I was going to come back the next day for an ultrasound to see if she moved her hand and foot. While talking with my doctor and nurse and having the baby checked with the heart monitor, my water broke on its own. So we started an iv and pitocin to increase the strength of contractions, hoping that either the baby would move her hand and foot or the doctor/nurse might be able to help move the hand/foot out of the way without jeopardizing the umbilical cord getting in the way. And to make a long story short, the hand/foot moved on their own and I was able to do a natural delivery with no epidural and only a small amount of pain medicine in my iv. It was a very intense, overwhelming sensation to deliver naturally, but I think this was the best delivery I had out of all of them. The only sad thing was that my doctor did not make it to the hospital in time for the delivery, so my nurse and Greg did the delivery. Man, once the sensation to push sets in as the baby is moving down the birth canal, there is no stopping it. I now can have empathy for the patients that I help deliver naturally. There was no way I would have been able to not push and wait for my doctor to get to the hospital. He made it just after the baby was born and the cord clamped and cut. Everything went smoothly and couldn't have been more perfect unless the doctor could have made it, but I really wouldn't have changed a thing. My nurse was awesome! I have so much respect and trust for her, I truly think I was able to do the delivery this way because she was my nurse. Thanks so much, Kathleen!
And these are pictures at 4 weeks of age:
Jordyn has been such a good baby. It took about 1 week to get the breastfeeding thing down, but once she finally figured that out, things have been great! Now if I can only get her to sleep a little longer between feedings during the night. ;) The boys love having her, and Caden always wants to help with her. I have been such a germaphobe and won't let anyone get near her if they have any sign of sniffles, cough, or even look like they might not feel well. And we are going through soap like crazy always washing hands. Paranoid mother, I know, but I have also seen the sick babies being lifeflighted for something that could have been prevented if the parents would have been more strict about that. Ok, off my soapbox now. I feel great! The recovery after this delivery has been the easiest by far, with the small exception of having mysterious abdominal pain. My doctor thought it might be my gallbladder, but studies were normal and the pain has subsided since delivery and only decides to come and visit occasionally. I am really enjoying my time off of work, and will return in November. Now don't get me wrong, I miss almost all of my coworkers and their company, but enjoy being home more.
Now to the rest of the family, school started and everyone loves it so far. Kamryn has struggled a little bit when Austin goes to Kindergarten, because then she is home alone with me and Jordyn and she's not quite sure what to do without her brothers around. But she is adjusting and loves watching for them to get home from school. And hopefully we will get Kamryn started with preschool next month, so she will be gone for a couple of hours during the week as well. I think that would help her, because even though she can't speak very well, and it is hard to understand her, she is a very social little girl.
We also had our visit with the pediatric orthopedist for Austin's hip. We found out this could possibly last for many years. And reader's digest version: there was an insult to Austin's hip, sometime, not known, and no one know what causes it. But the insult caused the blood supply to his right hip to be compromised and the head of his femur (top part of the long bone) died. So now it can take up to 1 year for his body to reabsorb all the dead bone and start to lay new bone in it's place. The new bone with be very soft and vulnerable for awhile and then should harden. And if all goes well, he will be fine once all of this is done, but until then we have to try and help protect the hip joint as Austin's body reabsorbs the dead bone and lays the new bone so that the new bone grows in the right formation for the hip joint to function properly and not damage the growth plate responsible for leg length. If the growth plate gets affected he may have to have surgery to lengthen his leg as he gets older. So it's basically a wait and hope process. We have to go back to the orthopedist every 3-4 months, have a new x-ray done and check range of motion with him to see where we are in the cycle of reabsorbing and new bone growth. And the only restriction at this time is that Austin can not jump for about 1 year. Now tell me how easy you think it is to keep a 5 year old from jumping? No trampolines, jump ropes, jumping down stairs, off of couches, etc. But he is doing fairly well, just needs several reminders a day about it and his class and teacher help him while he is at school. Hopefully it will all pay off in November when we have to go back for the x-ray and range of motion check.

So hopefully this catches everyone up to speed with the happenings at the Lemke household and I will try to be more timely with my postings. And if you don't min leaving me some love so I can have an idea of how many people actually follow my blog. Thanks so much! Love ya all!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here are some pics.

Here is our little Daisy! Isn't she adorable?

And Kami trying to be a puppy. Hilarious that she got locked in the kennel. Such a mean dad to take a picture before rescuing her. He he

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Worst blogger ever! Prepare for a LONG post!

I know, I know, I have got to be the worst blogger out there. But all with good excuses! We have had an extremely busy summer and it isn't going to slow down anytime soon. I don't have any pics to post at the moment, but will fill everyone in on what's been up at the Lemke household. And will post pics sometimes in the future, with no promise or guarantee when! In no particular order:

I'm still pregnant, but not for long, just a couple more weeks and our new little one will arrive. I am getting more excited about her coming, but also more nervous because I don't have everything ready yet. Greg has been a trooper trying to get her room ready, especially over the past couple of weeks. And it's just about finished, thanks hon! We still don't have a name picked out for our little girl, but I know something will come to us after she is born. I'm planning on trying to deliver natural (no epidural) I tried with Kamryn, but she decided to try and come out hand first, so I had to have an epidural so they could move her hand, or my other option was a c-section. I really like the idea of going natural, but don't necessarily like the idea of the unexpected time frame. It will be interesting to see how the next couple of weeks play out!

We got a new puppy! I know, I have been called, "crazy", "insane", and "gluten for punishment". But before we got her, I told Greg she was his responsibility and he would be up at night with her, while I was up with the new baby. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, we named her "Daisy" and she is adorable. I will post a pic as soon as I can get her to hold still long enough to get one. She is tricolor with black, tan, and white and adjusting very well to our family. The kids love her, but we have to be careful, because she is only 3 lbs. and they are sometimes a little rough, especially Kamryn, but she is getting better.

Greg finally finished school, yeah us! He now has his Master's degree in special education with a Bachelor's degree in psychology. I love having him done with school, but also now the lovely student loans are going to become due. Ugh! He is glad to be finished and excited to start a new year in his classroom. It will be interesting this year because Box Elder High School is being remodeled and it is not ready yet for school to start. But we are told it will be ready by the end of August for the first day of school. I will believe it when I see it. Greg gets a brand new huge classroom, complete with his own bathroom in the classroom and time out room. I can't wait to see how it looks completed.

Austin has been having several trips to different doctors over the past several months. In February he woke up one morning limping on his right leg. We didn't think too much of it, then he started complaining of his leg hurting and would crawl around the house, rather than use his leg. We took him to the doctor, there was no injury, swelling, or bruising anywhere on his right leg. They did blood work and x-rays which showed inflammation in his body, but nothing more specific. He was put on steroids for a week and the limping went away. Everything was fine until the middle of May when he woke up one morning again limping on his right leg. And he has been limping on and off ever since then. Sometimes he complains of pain, sometimes he can bearly walk on it, and sometimes it doesn't seem to bother him at all. We again went to the doctor who repeated the lab work, which came back normal, but he referred us to a Rheumatologist at Primary Children's Hospital. It took 3 weeks to get an appointment with them. After seeing the nurse practitioner and Rheumatologist, they didn't have an answer for us, but suggested we try naproxen for 3-4 weeks and see if it gets better. Naproxen is a high dose anti-inflammatory medication used to treat arthritis. Well, after about 2 weeks it hadn't done anything. We received a call from the Rheumatologist who had been looking over his chart and had a thought about Legg-Calve-Perthes disease and wanted him to have an MRI and repeat X-rays. We were able to get the X-ray that day, which came back with a change in his right hip from the first set of x-rays. But it took 3 weeks to get an appointment for the MRI. We were able to get that done this last Monday. At 4 years of age, Primary Children's does their MRI's under conscious sedation, so it isn't as scary for the children. So Austin and I spent almost 4 hours there for them to start an IV (he didn't even say "ouch"), put him to sleep, do the MRI, and wake him back up. Austin is such a trooper, and Primary Children's Hospital is wonderful! Well, we received a phone call from the nurse practitioner the next day confirming that Austin has Legg-Calve-Perthes disease and that this is no longer a rheumatology problem, but now he needs to be evaluated by a pediatric orthopedist. So I called for that appointment and we can't be seen for 4 weeks. Here's to waiting again! So what is Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, you ask? From my research and probing different doctors minds, it is a idiopathic avascular necrosis of the femoral head, or in other words: Austin's right hip is losing it's blood supply, and there is no known cause for this. And what exactly does that mean for Austin? We won't know for sure until we meet with the orthopedist next month, but I have been told that they usually either wait and watch to see if the hip can create a new route of blood supply or surgery of some kind to help with that. But for the next 4 weeks, we get to just wait and watch and hope and pray for the best. It breaks my heart to see him limping everyday and know there is nothing at this point that I can do for him. But I also know deep down that he was meant to have this problem in his life, and he will be able to make the best of it!

The other kids are all doing great and growing like weeds! Caden is going to be in 4th grade this year, I can't believe it! Tyson is going into 2nd grade, and Austin gets to start kindergarten and go to the same school as Tyson and Caden and he is so excited to be able to walk home from school with them! We are also going to try and get Kamryn into the same special education pre-school we did for Tyson with his speech problems. We think Kamryn is heading down that same speech problem road. She is not talking like she should for an almost 3 year old, but we have to wait for her birthday the end of September to have her tested for the program. Hopefully she qualifies and can get some extra help with speech. The special ed preschool in our school district is wonderful to work with and the teachers are great. We have dealt with them over the past 5 years, 3 years with Tyson in preschool and 2 years where Austin went there as a mainstream student (A "normal" child who helps to set the example and help the other children in the class). So we know them well and hope Kamryn will fit in. I can't, however, believe that Kam is going to be 3 this year and big enough to start school. We will see how that all works out over the next month.

Well, other than everything listed above, our summer also consisted of trips to the family cabin, a vacation to Flaming Gorge (to include boat rides on grandpa's boat, and 3 blown tires), lots of rest and relaxation, reading, playing video games, watching movies, and playing outside. I hope everyone else has had a wonderful summer so far and like I said at the beginning, I will post pics as soon as I get the gumption to load them to my computer from the camera.

Ta ta for now!